Surrounded by greatness

celebrating others


I am surrounded by great men and women. These are people who decided to break the mould and step into something new as a full-time career/side-hustle or an invested hobby/side-engagement. This blog is a shout out to all the people who have inspired me through their creativity. In this blog I want to implore you to leave your mark in some way, don’t die with any potential left inside of you – DIE EMPTY! This is the era of carpe diem; our days are numbered so use your time wisely and make that social change while you can. My wish is for all of us to show boldness and courage to pursue whatever has been placed on our heart to pursue and not allow fear, doubt, age, and finance, past mistakes or gender to hinder us. Enjoy the A-list below!


My A-listers:

  • Tuk’s Twenties: motivational videos HERE

Tuk's twenties

  • Nelson Ekaragha: insightful short film/music video maker HERE 


  • Fifikems: inspirational and entertaining lifestyle blogger HERE


  • Chambers Productions INC: provide artists with a platform to further their careers by offering digital distribution across the globe on ALL international online retailer HERE


  • Kayisha – empowering Black British individuals in STEM industry HERE 


  • Luna: Learn – Create – Play. A community based creative studio with workshops and a monthly live event HERE



  • Abigail Irozuru: an athlete, educator and blogger

Tutoring  HERE and Blogger HERE


  • Galdem: a magazine and creative collective set up by my old classmate comprised of over 70 women of colour who share their perspectives on the world. More HERE


  • Africanish podcast: five women; four African Countries; sharing experiences of home and the UK. HERE


  • Bankra travels: an online platform dedicated to exploring and navigating Africa, the Caribbean and its diasporas through storytelling, education and travel. HERE  


  • Releasing the Realness: the no fuss, no fronting and no faffing show, that keeps the conversation strictly candid. HERE 

releasing the realness

  • Robyn Henry: a qualified dietitian promoting well-being and wellness AND mentors new and aspiring female entrepreneurs. HERE 


  • BareBonesBreathe: a blog about restoration, healing and fulfilling your God’s given purpose HERE.


  • Mwaksy: a fun and easy going vlogger HERE


I think it’s good to be in the habit of celebrating the work of others and encouraging them in what they are doing. Who knows…they may be at the point of giving up, lose their zeal or think they’re not making an impact so one word of encouragement, one like, one share or kind message can really empower and uplift them! 🙂




Are you surrounded by people who inspire you?





17 thoughts on “Surrounded by greatness

  1. Good for you that you have found inspiration from great people. I always think that being mentored is one sure fire way to success.


  2. I am glad that you are being surrounded by good people like them and it is really great to have an inspiration to be successful in your craft.

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  3. I will check out these links. It is great to read about how many of these young people have accomplished so much in so little time!


  4. I couldn’t agree more! I have learned over the years that surrounding yourself with positive-minded people can a world of a difference in helping you achieve your goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is indeed a fun list with so much inspiration included along with it. Surrounding yourself with positive and motivating people can do so many wonders for our betterment. Thanks for sharing this list, I should make mine too! xx

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