About Me


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to swing by for “alittlechinwag!” So let me introduce myself, my name is Chinedu which is a name often associated with men/boys but I think it’s unisex however I will not go off on that tangent because we will not land! Lol. Anyway…the name of the blog captures and projects my personality beautifully. I actually have my Godbrother OJ to thank for his collaborative input. Ever since reception so like age 4/5, I have received a school report stating that “…Chinedu is a pleasure to teach but she tends to be VERY chatty.” Obviously it’s not great to talk ALL the time or about utter rubbish however conversation (written or verbal) can be very powerful and through this blog I hope to explore what I can do with it.

This blog will mainly be a series of personalised, motivational and expressive talks/discussions/testimonies where I will explore thoughts on emotions, culture, education, relationships and so much more! This is a real journey for me in terms of my writing, I won’t claim to be the most articulate or a professional writer, you may even spot a grammatical error…(hides face) but I can guarantee that every word written will be sincere and aim to empower, encourage and maybe make you laugh! I also write poetry so you may  get a peek of it every now and then but first and foremost I’m a Christian so that will translate through my writing and my outlook on life. A devotional will be published weekly, as a way of just sharing a short word to enlighten our mind and build  our faith, which will have its own subsection in my menu.

Well so much for a short and snappy intro…but I guess that’s just me, Miss Chatterbox.