Testimony Night



What is a testimony???

A testimony is what we share as Christians when God has revealed himself to us in some way in our lives. It stems from the Latin word “testis” which is “to witness” or “to remind of,” so we are essentially bearing witness to God’s work in our lives and reminding ourselves and others that He is present and His power transcends our human circumstances. Testimony can also be seen as a story! One that is personal to you, which encourages and empowers those listening who are experiencing the same thing.

On Friday night, the young adult’s team at my church had a testimony night and it was EPIC. I mean we heard some really great breakthrough testimonies, covering the theme:

Faith over fear

Honesty over image

Love over entertainment


One couple spoke about the faith they had to show when applying for a mortgage and we all know how scary that process can be! Will I get it? Is my credit score ok? Can we afford it? But they chose to step out in faith and trust that God would be glorified in it. As a couple who wanted to start building a family, this as a big decision for them.

Another lady spoke about body image, as she formerly aspired to be a professional dancer until she got an injury however until that point her body image and appearance was EVERYTHING. It almost defined her, she thought she didn’t have anything else to offer and she was very strict with her diet as she thought “this is all I have to offer”. When she got married this mind-set didn’t change…marriage doesn’t cure brokenness but rather shines a light on it. It was her husband who called her out on her thinking, encouraged her to change her mind-set. Reminded her she is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and prayed for a release from that destructive mind-set.  

Finally we had one lad who spoke about how he struggled with drug addiction and one-night stands when he was young. It was a vicious cycle he fell into until he followed a mate to a Christian conference and gave his life to Christ. He mentioned the desire didn’t leave immediately, as some nights he would dress up to go out “on the pull” but as he would get ready to leave his flat he’d remember his “watershed moment” and not do it. He also said that we are “not defined but we are designed” that despite our past experience, we do not need to remain in that captivity; but rather just declaring God’s truth over yourself and displacing the lies of the world.


Key messages from the night:

  1. My story matters

  2. My story doesn’t end with me

  3. A story can always be repeated for someone else


On that note, I just want to mention that the Hebrew word eduth” means “testimony, precept or warning.”  It comes from a word that means “witness,” that is, someone who gives evidence.  And that word comes from a primitive root (Ayin-Vav-Daleth) that means “to return, to repeat, to do again.”



Can YOUR story bring a breakthrough?





16 thoughts on “Testimony Night

  1. I think testimonies are amazing because they’re all about inspiring you and helping you overcome the challenges you’re facing in your life. Beautiful lessons that you learned from that night!


  2. I love your testimony it gives us faith to not give up in one’s life. Struggle and problems will always be around and will always makes us stronger than before.


  3. Your testimonies show that you should never give up because through determination and strength your dreams can come true, even if it does not feel like it. It is so important to keep our faith isn’t it?


  4. Everyone at sime point goes through tough times in life. The key is to face the problem head on . Testimonies give one courage to carry through rough times

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  5. Faith is the God. When you have a faith, you can face any difficult situation and never give up. Not only story but some incidence also can be repeated. You all must doing a great work at tealstimony night.

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  6. I agree with telling our testimonies. The goodness (or the negative events of our lives) can become lessons for others.


  7. I have similar testimony as a person from your church.
    I was a drug addict, aged 15 to 22. It is a life that not only destroys you but also your family and affects all your decisions. When I was 22, my friend (who was a former alcoholic) told me that he met Jesus, that Jesus IS alive, and that He wants to help me. So, one night, when I already knew that I was on the verge of death, I began to pray. I said, “God if you exist, help me. I ruined my life. Please, forgive me. I give my life into your hands, to lead my life because I do not know how to do that.”
    That night I felt that love overtook me, and in the morning I did not have an addiction crisis, and I never took drugs anymore.
    To short the story, 20 years later, I am a healthy, married, mother of three children and together with my husband, work as Christian missionaries in the Balkans (Eastern Europe) and the Middle East.


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