Black MVP’s in Science:unveiled (pt.3)



Dr. Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun

Dr. Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun conducted her undergraduate degree at King’s College London (KCL) in Biochemistry. Afterwards she carried out her PhD in the field of Articular cartilage repair, specifically studying the organisation of the cytoskeleton within chondrocyte cells, at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre, (IRC), Queen Mary University of London. Bernadine has an impressive publication record, having published in peer reviewed journals. Her most notable publication is the Award-winning paper in the Histopathology Journal having been a recipient of the Roger Cotton prize for having the best paper in the Journal:

Bernadine is currently a Lecturer on the Intercalated BSc Regenerative Medicine course at the Dental Institute KCL, and she also teaches Dental students year 1 and year 4. She is a Personal tutor, pastoral carer and a Diversity & Inclusion Champion.

Bernadine is a STEM ambassador wishing to see more Diversity in Science and mentors Black Minority & Ethnic (BME) students, especially females who wishes a career in science. She has been given a voice to discuss her experiences and plans by freelancing for The Guardian newspaper namely:

Currently there are only 0.5% black professors in the UK and Bernadine wants to see an increase in Black professors in different subject areas to encourage future generations to aspire to become one and increase the numbers.  She Chairs a committee for a conference namely, Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) Early Career Researchers, How to Stay in Academia, a brain-child of hers and has successfully run the conference over two consecutive year and is currently preparing for the 3rd conference, which will be held at University of East London, Friday 26th April 2019.

BME How to Stay in Academia hosted by Dr Bernadine Idowu Onibokun:


Finally, she is a Philanthropist having founded the registered charity Youth Against Crime not Crime Against You (YACnCAY) 2010 . She organises peer mentoring to young people in underprivileged schools who are paired with University students. This mentoring relationship assists pupils to make positive choices in their lives, helping them to fulfil their full potential.

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