To BE the father of the home



So yesterday was father’s day! I hope you father’s out there felt celebrated and honoured while you single mum’s also got acknowledged because technically…you’re acting as both parents to your kids!

I’ll just share briefly the “father’s day” message we received at church yesterday. Food for thought really. So our pastor started off with a list with 31 skills that dad’s these days rarely teach their children e.g. tying a tie, washing a car, catching a fish, naming birds etc and so it lead nicely onto the topic of legacy. You see what a father passes into the next generation in terms of values/skills/memories is far more important than what you passes onto the next generation i.e. house/business/car.










Being a father is of a holy commissioning, a command that you are entrusted with. It should be taken seriously however this mind-set is not held by all fathers sadly.

Key legacy points highlighted were:

  1. Courageous spirit: let your children know what it means to be “BOLD and COURAGEOUS” despite the challenges of this world. It can be scary world but life without a risk is dull and stepping out can unlock a lot of exciting and new adventures.
  2. Affirm their identity in Christ: Let them know that despite their grades, what people say about them, their mistakes, their career choices…they still have an identity in Christ. God knew them before they were born, named them and so therefore defines them.
  3. Presence: let your children remember you for always being present in their lives. Getting involved in every aspect of their life from homework to school concerts to break-ups to graduation. Being a man of your word and following things through. Humility to apologise when you’re in the wrong. 

So…fathers, what will you pass on to your children?

How do YOU want to be remembered?

15 thoughts on “To BE the father of the home

  1. happy Father’s day 🙂
    I love the point you made about being present in your children’s life and not just physically but also mentally.

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  2. Legacy is definitely something we are building as parents every moment of every day, for better or for worse! I’ve been blessed with a husband who is a wonderful father, and he works hard to keep those things in mind as part of his parenting.

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  3. W0w! what a great and inspiring post. I believe what I can pass to my kids is making true to themselves always and always believe in God.


  4. I think the best thing a dad can do is to lead by example. Be a good role model so the children will know about love, responsibility, care and faith in God.


  5. I didn’t grow up with my biological parents but if I had a partner and children I would also want him to be courageous in spirit. I would also want him to be empathetic and hands on with the children.


  6. My father so many times not present physically but mentally and emotionally he held us. And i would love my partner to take those qualities as well!


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