The Power of Fasting



Fasting is not dieting. It is the “Abstinence from food and/or drink as an element of private or public religious devotion.” It may be something you tell everyone or disclose to just one person who can encourage you and hold you accountable. As Christians and in other faiths too, we fast to hear God more clearly and draw closer to Him by removing any distractions. So in this blog, I’m going to share different types of fasting and how they can be beneficial for not only Christians but non-Christians. I hope you learn something new!

What’s with the picture?

So the image is of dew drops on a leaf. I see fasting as the expelling of traits/behaviours in us that we don’t need/want. Purification process. Refinement.

Different types:-

Dry: a form of fasting that is done without food or water

Wet: a form of fasting where one abstains from food, but continues to drink

Daniel: fruits, nuts, vegetables and water only to drink (to flush out toxins), some say natural fruit juices may be included if they contain no preservatives, sugars, etc.

Soul: where you abstain from an activity which takes up your time with God or consumes your money/energy or just detracts from your productivity.

How does this relate to you?

I believe sometimes we do need to “fast” certain things/people in our lives as a way to reflect and think clearly but also as a form of self-discipline and self-control. There are things we cling onto and think “oh, I can’t give that up…it’s too hard.”


  • Alcohol: for health reasons or show solidarity for a family member
  • Sex – practicing celibacy for religious reasons or following a bad break-up
  • Chocolates and sweets – managing your blood glucose
  • Dairy products – for personal or even career reasons i.e. an athlete or singer
  • Social media i.e. instagram, twitter and facebook – if you’re a student and have exams, if social media brings out a bad side of you or makes you insecure


You’ll be amazed at how this experience transforms your outlook on life and                 yourself. You may find by depriving yourself of that thing, you realise that it isn’t so essential in your life and that you are not dependent on it. We can allow some things to rule our lives so much so we become slaves to it; a fast can reveal that this not the case.

What could YOU fast from today?

8 thoughts on “The Power of Fasting

  1. It would put into perspective what to be grateful for or not take for granted. I don’t be usually fast but I would have to take it slow with one thing at a time.


  2. I like how you showed that fasting is not always related to food. For example fasting from social media and work is definitely needed at times as otherwise it can become very overwhelming.


  3. I don’t think I can do the dry fast. I get thirsty pretty fast and periods without water leads to migraine, UTI, and dehydration. I guess I am okay with just the water and soup fast.


  4. I LOVE this and I hadn’t considered that fasting from other things could count as well. I’ve been fasting from social media apart from work, all in order to get closer to Christ and out of the world. It’s worked wonders, actually!


  5. This is very informative Chinedu; thank you for that. I have been doing a bit of fasting for a long time, but this is my first time of hearing about Daniel’s fasting and what its comprised of. Perhaps that will be my preferred mode of fasting from now on.

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  6. I no longer fast from food, but I try to fast from TV and activities that I love to do. The food thing, wasn’t healthy for me at all so I had to come up with other ways to make fasting work.


  7. I am not allowed to fast (from food or drink) as I am diabetic and my sugar levels need to be stable throughout the day. I like your perspective of fasting, that it would also include other things/activities. I will try fasting from worry. That is my biggest obstacle. Worrying about everything makes me so worn out. I will just have to “Let go and Let God.”


  8. I have done wet farting a lot of tkme and I still go at times during Indian festivals. It’s a way to detox your body


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