Living your BEST life

best life

So the image in this blog is supposed to represent a blooming flower. I chose it as a way of representing ourselves – flowers in bloom. Flourishing. Living our best life. Would you say you’re living your best life?  What does that mean or even look like?! Well… let the conversation begin!

In my opinion to live one’s “best life” is to fully commit to every area of your life. Afterall…YOLO. Each day of your life should be intentional, with a goal to attain. Sometimes we can just cruise through life waiting for that guy/girl, job, house, dress size or approval before actually doing anything significant with our lives. This life is but a vapour, here today and gone tomorrow. In fact, your next day isn’t guaranteed! A sombre thought I know but a valid one all the same. When you look back on your life or when others reflect on your life, what kind of legacy do you want to be left? What memories do you want to instil in people’s hearts/minds.

When I come back each day, I want to go to bed fulfilled, knowing that I tried something new or stretched myself in some way even if I was unsuccessful at least I know I attempted something. Will there be days I am feeling half-hearted or demotivated? YES but I will consciously make sure those days are the minority.


What can affect you from living your BEST LIFE?

  1. Your view of yourself

Do you think you’re unworthy, too young, too poor, not independent enough to live your best life? Living the “best life” is subjective. Find a definition specific to yourself and your circumstances and commit it to. Do not live a mediocre life. You deserve better mate!

  1. Other people

Are there people who are preventing you from being the best version of yourself? Equally are there people who stretch and empower you to be the best that you can be? The latter will be more important going forward in life.

  1. Fear/anxiety

Naturally fear and anxiety can hinder our movement and leave us in stagnation. It takes strong willpower and a strong network of people to break free from the state of captivity and live your best life. You owe it to yourself and to those around you. We each have something profound and unique to offer this world, why not start now to share it?  

18 thoughts on “Living your BEST life

  1. I think self-confidence has a lot to do with it. I used to be crushingly shy but in recent years Ive kind of stopped caring what other people think and concentrated more on myself, and I’ve found its really helped with my mental health.

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    1. I can relate, I used to be shy and have super low self-esteem but like you said, we cannot restrict ourselves to a life living by other people’s approval and affirmation. Let your light shine wherever you go, however you know best.


  2. We should live every day to it’s fullest and do everything we can to make ourselves better people and make the world around us better. There are things which hold us back, not least of which is ourselves. Great reminders here.

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  3. Great insight! In my experience living my best life meant getting rid of any and all negativity. This included not just my negative thoughts but negative toxic people as well. I did a massive cleanse if you will of my life, my mindset and the people I allowed into my life and it changed my world! I also adopted an attitude of gratitude about every aspect of my life which has transformation it tremendously!

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    1. Yh, there can be people who try to put you in box or want you to be miserable/negative like them – don’t conform! This life is meant for living and gratitude is so key to life of contentment.


    1. Anxiety can be crippling but there are ways you can manage. Set your self small tasks to achieve each day, go through them systematically and congratulate yourself for each one completed and for tasks uncompleted then that is something new for the next day. Anxiety is not your identity, there is more to your character and life than anxiety. Don’t allow it to rob your joy and peace.


  4. This is motivation, I try everyday to live my best life, i haven’t actually all my goals but i know am heading somewhere, The greatest thing that has held me back is fear, fears of failure, not being good enough, not being able to achieve that which i have set out for myself. am glad i was able to conquered that fear and today am doing things that i never knew i will be able to do.

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    1. Amazing. Yes fear is a tough one. And even if you fail…you learn and grow! One step closer to success. Set your own standards for yourself, bring something unique to you to this world and give yourself measurable and manageable tasks. 🙂


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