Surprise Dinner at Albert Schloss

So on Sunday 21st January, my friends from church cunningly but sweetly surprised me with a birthday dinner! So after our church service 4 of them casually took me to Costa coffee and kept me there for TWO HOURS despite complaints that I was tired and hungry (I’m not very good with surprises might I add, I get very restless). Then two of my friends just decided to go home. I eventually left Costa with two of my friends and arrived at Albert Schloss, ordered a drink and waited for a table BUT whilst waiting…I noticed two other friends of mine in the restaurant and some more huddled by the bar!  Then the friends who left me at Costa reappeared! The plan was EXPOSED. Game Over. Although I did show my gratitude and explained to them that it was a lovely idea. The cocktails were free due to a delay in being seated at our tables, the meal was scrumptious and my company were delightful. Overall it was a success and I was moved by their thoughtfulness. ^_^

albert schloss


Personalized BBC tour, lunch at Botanist and Vision night at Audacious Church

So I am very blessed to have a friend who works in BBC and in ITV in Manchester and I managed to secure a personalised tour around the BBC headquarters which was awesome. I saw the meeting rooms, quiet areas, technical areas and the reception (which was the best part!) The pictures speak for themselves – I had fun. This was followed by a calm but yummy lunch with the same BBC friend in the secret garden restaurant that is ‘The Botanist’ which is truly beautiful.

I finished my night off going to my church’s ‘Italian themed’ Vision Night to reflect on the journey of the church in 2017 and also share/pray about the church’s vision for 2018 both locally and globally. And to add the icing to the cake, it was my Pastor’s birthday too! So the congregation sang happy birthday IN ITALIAN to myself, my pastor and one other guy who was celebrating too! We also got a slice of his cake – yum!








Dominos and cake with work friends

When I thought the fun in Manchester had ended…my friends at work surprised me with a birthday Dominos and cake! Followed by a card inscribed with thoughtful and kind words AND……. tickets to CRYSTAL MAZE LIVE! At the time…I didn’t realise the significance of this as I don’t watch the show but after googling the show, I was like WOWZA. I’m gonna be famous. However I hope they can join me too!







My mum knowing that the way to my heart is FOOD bought me my favourite dish from my favourite Turkish restaurant and my aunty baked me a cake! What more could a girl want eh?!

Namco Funscape Arcade and dinner at Vivat Bacchus

Now I couldn’t leave my London crew out! So at Namco we played a competitive but civilised game of ping pong followed by a nice sit down meal at Vivat and more cake!





Manchester AGAIN

Saturday 3rd February, my thoughtful flatmates took me out for a belated birthday brunch at an American themed restaurant called Home Sweet Home which I thoroughly enjoyed, the pictures speak for themselves really!

milkshakeeggs benedict


All these events both in Manchester and London made me feel loved, celebrated and joyous. Your birthday only happens once a year. Make it count, in whatever way that makes you happy. I look forward to 2019!

So I turned 24 and I was going to list 24 things I was thankful for…but that will make this blog even longer so I’ll just share  a few things i’m thankful for…

  1. To God for my life
  2. Good health
  3. Loving Family
  4. Loyal friends
  5. My ambition and drive
  6. The ability to show compassion where it’s needed
  7. The ability to make people smile and spread joy
  8. You readers for reading this blog!

17 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!!

  1. You seemed to have a very eventful and fun packed birthday. It’s so great that your friends surprised you with a meal and that your work colleagues treated you to pizza and a cake too. You’re one lucky lady. Happy belated birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw you have such lovely friends, I think it is so thoughtful of them to put together a surprise for you. How do you feel, it sounds like you had an amazing birthday? Its probably hard to pick a highlight but if you could what would you say was the best part about your birthday and why?


  3. What an awesome birthday week you had! I hate surprises too and I would have stormed out (I get very hangry as well LOL) so good thing you stayed. And your congregation singing you a song in Italian is just precious. Happy birthday!


  4. Happy belated birthday. My birthday was the beginning of the month. I didn’t have a surprise celebration and I even hinted I wanted one. I would love to tour a TV station. I remember visiting one in highschool.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You, my dear, have the best friends and family! How sweet of them all to rally in their own ways to make sure you had the best birthday. Admittedly, I’m a little jealous of your visit to the BBC. I just love everything about their reporting and follow their site every day for the latest on what’s happening around the world. So fun to see a few glimpses into their headquarters. x


  6. Hey happy belated birthday, that was lovely of your workmates and friends for the brunch party , the shake looked too yummy. It feels so good when people close to us make us feel happy on our special day.


  7. you have such a good friends and they are really creative when comes about birthday gifts ! Looks like you had a balst, and the brunch looked deliciousss ! happy belated birthday darling

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Aww that is so sweet of your friends to plan this for you! My fiancee’s family once threw me a surprise birthday party, and it was so nice to see how much they cared about making it special. Also, that is so cool that you got to do a tour of BBC!

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  9. What a birthday you’ve had there! Great people around you putting these efforts to surprise you. I love it though how surprise parties are almost always exposed at the end 🙂 It’s so hard to coordinate that many people :D:D:D

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing birthday. I know that I would have loved going out on some of the adventures. The one at the church was so cool. And I also loved you ended this whole post by being thankful. Always important.


  11. What an awesome birthday! You are blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. They did really go out of their way to make you have the best birthday ever.

    Liked by 1 person

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