You got served?!

You got served


I don’t know if anyone is familiar with this epic dance movie with B2K in it? I really enjoyed and learnt a lot of my dance moves from there however it has no relevance to my blog post – I just stole the movie title!

I just want to have a random spiel about acts of service. What do I mean by this? Well I’m talking about doing things for people to make them feel comfortable and at home. Putting their needs and desire before your own. I’m sure we can all think of a time when we’ve been “served” in some way. And we have good and bad memories too!

I’ll share some of mine:


When they show support for my family and I by coming to house to help me cook or calling to check up on us


When my brother gets dressed really quickly so that he doesn’t delay me uni or mum for work

When my dad stops his work to take me to the train station so I can return to uni.

When my mum stays up late, so that I don’t come home to an empty house after travelling back late from uni.


When a colleague does a “seemingly” small task for you to reduce your workload, not knowing that has giving you a whole extra 15-20mins to do something more important or even leave early!

Putting the needs of others first by serving them can actually be healing. The Greek word for it is diakoneo which means to submit to, be attendant to and minister to. 

Even in the midst of our stress/pain/weakness, you still have the power to offer hope, love and encouragement to another person through your service be it a smile, a conversation, a cup of tea, a song or playing an instrument. These are forms of unusual kindness – going ABOVE AND BEYOND the expectation. How would you want your service to be rated? 

13 thoughts on “You got served?!

  1. What a lovely post! So refreshing. I believe in spreading kindness like confetti. Sometimes the smallest acts of kinda mess can makes someone else’s day.

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  2. It’s really the little acts of kindness that make the world go round! You’re lucky to be surrounded by people who love you.


  3. That’s a beautiful way to help, support and love someone close to us. It seems so beautiful to have a friend over to help me bake some cookies and tea for the brunch. I would have treasured those moments.

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  4. Whenever my husband is having a bad day, he’ll get on the bus and go downtown to volunteer at our local soup kitchen. There’s nothing like helping someone else to center your thoughts and remember what is truly important in life. x

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  5. Haven’t heard of B2K but really loved your post. Act of random kindness goes a long way in making someone day. I have received such help/services several times in my life and sometimes from absolute strangers and they do bring a smile to my face. Needless to say I love to offer back with all my sincerity! I think that’s what life is all about.

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  6. I think there is a beauty in service and we derive something from it that we would have never imagined when we started. It aids them and it puts our lives and mindset in the proper perspective, not always focused on myself.

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