2018 GOALS

2018 GOALS


This will be a pretty brief blog post – for once. Following on from 2017’s lessons, I will be sharing a few of my 2018 goals. Now this journey isn’t going to be easy…they’re going to stretch me, irritate me but in the long-term help me. I hope. Enjoy the read!


  1. I aim to budget better and save more money. In the future I hope to buy a house, pay of my student loan, rent out flats, set up charities! However…I need some more dosh.




  1. I aim to be more punctual. With friends and work events. It’s important to respect people’s time, this is a BIG weakness of mine but hey nothing is impossible…‘Impossible is a dare’ as Ben Cooley from ‘Hope for Justice’ says.




  1. I aim to ESCAPE and spend time with myself. At times I can spread myself too thinly by taking on too much and neglect myself in the process– this cannot continue!





  1. I am to plug into my bible more. Read and fully understand it by asking questions and seeking answers whilst applying the Word of God to my own life.




 SO what are YOUR goals? And how do you hope to achieve them? Feel free to share below! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “2018 GOALS

  1. Literally, those are my 2018 goals! All the goals you mentioned – I need that, and i really need to make a point of tracking myself throughout the year so i stay on target because being inconsistent is a weakness too! Another goal of mine is to be a lot more focused about my career and huusstttlleee with what i plan to do to make money, as well as the artistic and charitable projects i want to undertake.

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  2. I have to admit that punctuality is something that I need to work on too so I think it is nice that you are trying to break old habits. Also saving money, especially when I don’t earn a lot of money is something I struggle with, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a better year financially!


  3. I am with you on No. 1. When I actually did a budget in the format required by a bank last year, I realized how much money that could have been saved was spent on unnecessary and irrelevant items during the year. I have to go back and revisit it and refocus myself on saving this year.

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