Lessons from 2017!!!

NY blog


1. Grace – something we don’t always give easily but I need to remember that no one is perfect.


2. Forgiveness, it not only liberates you but also the person I’m angry with.


3. Life can throw some hard punches but the things I can control/have power over – I will do 100%!


4. To find opportunities in my failures. Self-pity is overrated, I need to discover how I can evolve and better myself after a disappointment.




5. Service is amazing! The feeling I get after I put someone else first and see their gratitude and joy, infuses joy in me. Even without their gratitude, I know in my heart my actions have helped them in some way.


6. Sometimes the biggest and scariest decisions in my life are made quicker than I might anticipate…but I can’t pre-plan EVERYTHING!


7. Unusual kindness is rare but when shown, it can be a flicker of light in the darkness.




8. Some friends in my life are stepping stones, while others are the stream that surrounds me wherever I move.


9.  Family – I need to continuously place value on my relationship with them, being intentional with my time with them.


10. My faith is the purest and most certain thing I have in my life.


My quote for you:

The greatest mistake you can make is to believe that you have to do everything on your own power.

Catherine Pulsifier


Be it God, your family, friends or  your local community you seek support from in 2018…don’t be an island to yourself, it can be physically and mentally detrimental. Man was not made to exist in isolation. 



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