I am a Lion – hear my roar!


So I’m sure we all know that ONE person whose voice always has to be heard. Who never allows anyone else to get a word in. Making every other mouth in the room redundant. Joke aside… how often do we do that in our lives, speak over people…butt in…snap back?  

When writing this blog I started to question myself – can I be domineering? Do I have an overpowering presence? I’m sure most people would say no but when you ask your friend or a complete stranger, the truth will be revealed! Honestly speaking, I think it is great when people have opinions they want to share, it indicates that they can think for themselves but as individuals within a society we cannot expect everyone to yield to our way of thinking/doing things. Or think we are right all the time!

At times, when we have an argument with our friends, family or partners, it can sometimes be extended unnecessarily due to speaking rashly or misunderstanding the other person. Are there times you said something and thought – “…now I’ve put my foot in it!!!!” or “I shouldn’t have said that…” How many relationships have you severed, people have you hurt…people who have hurt you…as a result of having a fiery tongue and allowing your emotions to control you. In life we need to choose our battles wisely – is it worth the fight?

Communication is the art of exchanging information between two people. Exchange implies mutual engagement and both parties contributing. So if you can only hear your voice – there’s a problem! Another thing about communication, especially when it’s with someone you are intimate with – consider their heart when they speak, their feelings towards you may not be as harsh as their words. More importantly be patient…sometimes we can misunderstand others or just be too impatient to listen, let us show self-control over our emotions. It’s always advisable to display wisdom when dealing with people, there really is life and death in the power of the tongue, as humans we are more fragile then we make out to be.  

Some lessons I have learnt through experience:

  1. Golden rule: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” James 1:19 < I live by this verse!!!!
  2. When the emotions are too high to talk – STEP BACK AND COOL DOWN. This will give you time to gather your thoughts.
  3. Anything said in a heated moment can be taken to heart even if said in a temporary moment of anger. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…” (Luke 6:45)
  4. Words – they are as sharp as a two edged sword and can cut deep. Use them with caution.

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