An Ant? No More!


How do you see yourself? Legit question. If you can’t answer now then maybe you will by the end of this blog. I hope! Today’s  title basically means “I’m not insignificant”, “I deserve to be here as much as you” and “My voice counts!”
In this world, we have MANY successful and intelligent people; obviously you get the exceptional ones but we are more or less in the same class. However when you are selected for that job, university or to do that opening speech…you may suddenly experience a sense of the *duh…duh…duuuuuuuh* IMPOSTER SYNDROME!!!!! “Why did they choose me?” “Did they make a mistake?” “Maybe they got the names wrong?!” We so easily disqualify ourselves from wonderful opportunities because we don’t see ourselves as worthy, significant or intelligent enough. This attitude is harmful and an enemy of progress. As a Christian I am really fond of the passage from Proverbs 16:9 “we can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps,” another way to interpret this is that we can make plans for our future but God has the final say. God qualifies the called, He doesn’t call the qualified – you don’t need to be “perfect” or ”100%” before you enter what you have been called to do in life. 

I am passionate about this topic, as this can affect other areas of our life outside our professional walk. Take protests for example. They are done with the aim of raising awareness about a local, national or international issue. Some are peaceful and others not so much…but still the aim is analogous. Imagine if we had always had an “ant” mentality, – “what could I do about it?” or “My opinion won’t change much,” a lot of key historical highlights would NEVER have happened! From the suffragette movement, to the civil rights movement to protests now about housing cuts and the NHS and even more serious issues like the Grenfell Tower tragedy – these all have a “can-do” attitudes.

So I encourage you all, please discard the “ant” mentality. I believe we all have the potential to be ground-shakers, difference-makers and world-changers in our own right whether it is in our local community, country or the world at large!

But how…you ask?

  1. Believe in yourself: focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.
  2. Age is just a number: it’s all about your passion, determination and persuasiveness.
  3. Setbacks: if you receive a no/opposition, rethink your tactics and re-strategize – don’t just give up!
  4. Beware of other people with a small mentality: If you surround yourself with people who think small…it will be transmitted to you. Yes – it is CONTAGIOUS!
  5. Eye of a Tiger: When pursuing anything…a job, making a political change, getting into university, you need to keep your long-term goal in sight. Discouragement and obstacles WILL come but you need endurance, discipline and stamina to press on regardless.

So I ask you again. How do you see yourself…or better yet, how do you want to be seen?


Peace n Love ♥


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