“Feel the Fear…”


Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Susan Jeffers. This is a famous quote that I’m sure has inspired many to just bite the bullet and apply for that job, ask that guy/girl on a date, book that holiday or give that speech.  The courage to do this doesn’t manifest overnight, it starts with doing small tasks and then you find yourself attempting to do more and more as your courage threshold heightens. I also believe having a good collection of “hype friends” yes “hype-friends” is IMPERATIVE, these are people who will cheer you on and encourage you to do things they believe you can achieve, even if you yourself don’t see it. “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversityProverbs 17:17. Now I have 3 stories where this has helped me!

  1. Most recent example

Starting this blog! I am someone who will spend months “thinking” of doing something…writing it down and talking about it but rarely “acting” on it! I mean I love writing and connecting with new people but I am also my own worst critique  – “Am I good enough”, “There are already existing bloggers” or “My punctuation/grammar is not what it used to be!” However since writing this blog my writing style has developed, I have been exposed to other blogging topics/formats and been introduced to a whole blogging community. It has been an AMAZING journey and I look forward to what lies ahead in my blogging future. Most importantly are the ideas that keep pouring into my head, which if it wasn’t for this bold blogging step…would have wasted away in cage called MY MIND!

  1. A few years back: 2012

September 2012 I decided to leave my home city of London and relocate to Newcastle to start university. It was a BIG decision. I’d be leaving EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I knew and entering a foreign land. Was I nervous…having doubts…bricking it? Yes of course! However, as well as feeling these emotions I also felt excited, intrigued and liberated; a new chapter of my life was about to unfold and there was so much to discover! Long story short, I had an amazing time studying there; the university really worked hard to provide us with a holistic student life and I met some truly amazing people, some of which I am still in touch with now. I also took the opportunity to visit Scotland and other northern cities like Leeds and Manchester which I may not have been inclined to do if I had stayed in London.

  1. April 2011

I’m saving the best memory for last; it is one of my most precious ones. In this month and year, I was elected Head Girl of my secondary school. To some this may seem pretty “naff”…”not that big a deal…” or “or too much effort” but this was a chance to reach out to the whole school and make a difference. Was I the most popular? No. The most intelligent? Certainly not. The funniest? Humour is subjective! What I can say, is that during the course of my study in school, I did reach out to people in various ways e.g. as peer mentor, house captain, library duties or just simply saying “hi” to people! You see as I was doing that, I didn’t know that I would be paving the way to my success later! Often when something is important to us, we feel inadequate and put ourselves down without realising that we could be what they are seeking! The candidates I was up against were equally capable and I had the privilege of working alongside some of them on the Head Girl team.

You may wonder, how do I get to this stage? I can honestly say it is a journey (I say this a lot I know!) but here are a few things that worked for me:-

  1. Take time to study yourself. It is SO important to know your strengths and weaknesses; it is by discovering this you can invest time in refining yourself. You know why…because you’re worth it! Haha sorry, I had to use that line.
  2. Start little and build. Try to be courageous in small tasks i.e. change in dressing, going to cinema/restaurant alone, a new role at work etc as this will take you out of your comfort zone but not fully overwhelm you.
  3. Surround yourself with people who encourage & inspire you. Who is your social influence? Are you next to a beacon of inspiration? The people we surround ourselves with can either spark something in us or dampen our spirits, we decide which.
  4. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. When stepping out and taking a leap of faith, you need to believe that you’re doing the right thing. It may not be the easiest but it is certainly a decision you think will enhance your life experience.

So I hope this blog helped a little for anyone struggling to make a BIG and BOLD decision in their life and so my friends…I leave you with this quote:

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela


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