Please Don’t Stare!

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What I’m about to discuss is a pretty sensitive topic for me but I believe it may encourage or challenge some readers out there so I’m  gonna bite the bullet and write anyway!

From the tender age of about 4/5 years old I have suffered from chronic eczema to add to this I had an adverse reaction to a steroid cream which was actually supposed to aid the situation so combined with scars from severe scratching…I grew up with my hands/feet looking far from “normal”.  Growing up I suffered with a low self-esteem and felt very self-conscious when talking to people (especially boys), plus whenever people would ask about the eczema I would get  super  defensive and try to end the conversation ASAP. Any insults or disgusted stares I received would pierce through me like glass through soft flesh…I would break down crying and ask God “why me?” It wasn’t till one day my dad…my lovely day looked me square in the eye and said “you shouldn’t cover your hands when talking to people, just talk to them normally, you will attract less attention that way.” At the time I thought “you just DON’T understand” however it was not until my early teens that I realised that he meant that my personality would overshadow the physical scars on my hands, my soft smile…my cheeky laugh…my warm heart and fuzzy character would draw people to me and not the eczema on my hands. If all people can focus on is your scar…then they’re not worth knowing tbh, even with your imperfections God has placed a treasure in you that is worth discovering. 

In life, we may stumble across people with a physical, emotional scar/defect/blemish or both! These scars have a story behind them however when we meet these people, it shouldn’t be the scars that draws our attention to them but rather their character. It is in gaining their trust and showing them that you are genuine, that they will open up about their scars. You see scars, emotional or physical; they can stagnate our growth, hinder our confidence and kill some relationships. However it is in addressing these scars for what they are and being open about them, that we in a sense free ourselves and are healed. The scar may not disappear but the pain will no longer be fresh, and that scar will just be a sign of a battle you experienced however you can decide whether that battle was victorious or not!

I still suffer from chronic eczema but it doesn’t define or devalue me in anyway. It is a part of my body that becomes smaller and smaller the more my confidence and inner beauty blossoms. 

My encouragement for you today:

  1. Unveil your scar – stop hiding it.
  2. Address the scar, call it by name and show you’re not afraid.
  3. Share the history of the scar to those you trust and who care about you.
  4. Live a limitless life and not a life limited by a physical/emotional scare.
  5. A scar is part of your story, not the complete story. Be your own author.

What’s more is that by overcoming these scars, you don’t know you could minister to/help as a result. It won’t happen overnight but my hope for anyone out there battling with a deep emotional or physical scar, is that you break free from the chains it puts you in. Be free today. 

Peace n Love


5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Stare!

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal story- it must have been so hard for you growing up! I remember at school there was a boy a couple of years younger than me who had severe eczema, it was clear to see he had a hard time with it, unfortunately.


  2. Yes! I used to be so self conscious and tried everything to make it “go away”, my hands become so bad in the winter bleeding I’ve had to wrap them in gauze. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s one of those things people don’t really understand, “just use lotion.” if only it were that simple.

    Thank you for sharing this!


  3. Really inspirational Chin! I’m sure after reading this, it will give people who are self conscious confidence about their scars etc 🙂 keep it coming!!!!!!!

    Nneka x


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