I am Home


I think this post will be short and straight to point – for once! Haha.

I can remember two instances when I have had to leave an environment of comfort and familiarity and moved to a “foreign” land. The first occasion was moving to Newcastle for my undergraduate studies and secondly when I moved to Manchester for postgraduate studies. One may argue, well it was your choice! No-one asked you to uproot yourself and leave… and to that I would answer – “Yes, it was my prerogative BUT whilst the decision to move was mine, the people in my new environment could help make the transition smooth and amicable.”

So these two experiences got me thinking…

How at home do we make new people feel? Whether it is at work, school or life in general? When we see people floating on the outskirts or peering into the exclusive bubble that is our lives, do we stretch out a hand to let them in OR do we just abandon them there and leave them to sort themselves out! In my opinion, it is SO important to make people feel included wherever you are because you never know when YOU could be in the same situation – “…treat others as you would like to be treated,” and be a beacon of light to draw someone in and not frighten them.

You see, home is not just the building you were raised in with your family but it is the people around you too! The people who have each planted a part of themselves into your heart and made you feel loved, secure and most of all accepted. Also “warmth” is not just what you feel whilst sitting next to a fireplace but the actions and words you receive from others; you could be responsible for making someone feel some warmth today and EVERYday.

Let people “feel at home” because of what you did or said to them, continuously seek the best for others and show them love. Home is where the heart is…how many content hearts are beating around you today?


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